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About Open Crop Manager (OCM)

OCM was developed to collect and analyze data related to soybean yield and profitability. With OCM, researchers and farmers can collect information about management practices, stressor occurrence, and yield outcome. This information is analyzed to produce valuable information for farmers, such as improved understanding of best management practices, stressor prediction tools, and yield outcome predictors. Data privacy is protected with PSU secure practices and farmer identities’ and field locations are obscured. For more information on how we protect our users' data rights, please see our data privacy documents in the Collaborator Resources folder.

Are you interested in contributing data? Your level of participation is up to you.

Data collection

Current services

A screenshot of an interactive map for PSU Ag Ops Field 32F in 2023. Rolling the cursor over stressor points (circles) shows stressors present in that location. Circle color indicates total stressor severity.

Future services

As we collect and analyze more data, we will be able to offer more advanced tools. Below are some of our plans.

The OCM Development team

OCM was developed by the Penn State Esker Lab, the Penn State Institute of Computational and Data Sciences, and the Penn State College of Information Sciences and Technology. OCM data analysis is performed with collaborators Dr. Shawn Conley (U. Wisconsin-Madison) and Dr. Spyros Mourtzinis (AgStat).

The OCM development team and collaborators. Listed from left to right: Top row: Dr. Paul Esker, Dr. Mladen Cucak, Miranda DePriest, Tyler McFeaters, and Santosh Sanjel from the Penn State Esker Lab. Middle row: Dr. Danying Shao and Clayton Colson from the Penn State Institute of Computational and Data Sciences; Dr. Anna Squicciarini, Dr. Primel Pappachan, and Shashank Sawale from the Penn State College of Information Sciences and Technology. Bottom row: Dr. Shawn Conley from the University of Wisconsin and Dr. Spyros Mourtzinis from AgStat.


Open Crop Manager and its related research project, Data Driven, are funded by the North Central Soybean Research Program and the Penn State Institute of Computational and Data Sciences SAFES-RISE program.

Contact us

For questions, suggestions, or to learn about live training sessions, please contact Miranda DePriest at mnd20@psu.edu or Dr. Paul Esker at pde6@psu.edu.